If you're in tech, you're invited.


We research and organise video discussions, gathering like-minded tech stakeholders to brainstorm all of the big topics in enterprise and industry technology. All you need is a webcam.


Each video talk lasts between 60-90 minutes so you can add them to your diary as easily as a catch-up with a colleague. Our community is open globally so you can tap into our international knowledge network anywhere.

Live Insights

Each talk gathers business leaders with a shared interest in the discussion theme. This provides attendees with industry insights and strategy to power growth in the digital age.

Solve your biggest digital challenges

The TechNative community is an open resource aimed at helping upper management in business navigate their digital projects. It provides members with access to an international pool of knowledge about the latest industry-disrupting solutions and enables them to collaborate on best-practice success models with other members.

Off the record Off the record
Off the record

Our talks are held under Chatham House Rules meaning what’s discussed stays within that group and is off the record

Easy to join Easy to join
Easy to join

We use Skype for Business, making it really easy for you to join without having to install software

Follow ups Follow ups
Follow ups

If you’d like to continue the conversation with any of the attendees in private, we will organise that for you

What's On?


Mastering the Retail Omnichannel

Bringing together various retailers to discuss the modern consumer experience and tactics brands can use to master their omnichannel touchpoints. 


1st December 2016

An Expert's Guide to Digital Disruption

A look at the most disruptive technologies promising to revolutionise the enterprise over the next 10 years. 


5th December 2016


How much does it cost to attend?

Absolutely nothing. Attending our discussions is completely free.

Who else will attend?

Each of our talks is tailored to one silo and the other attendees are guaranteed to be of the same seniority and from the same size business as you.

What’s the benefit from attending?

You will get to meet and network with peers who share the same interests as you. Our platform was established to provide you with a way to talk through your challenges and priorities so you can benchmark your progress and share best practice with each other.

Is it broadcast online?

The majority of our discussions are private which means only the attendees will hear the information you share. By attending, everyone agrees to adhere to Chatham House Rules so you can be confident your sensitive business details won’t be shared. If we are running a public discussion, we will advertise it as such.

Can I suggest a topic?

Yes, we often organise discussions on request for members of our community. Please sign up and include your request on the form. Alternatively, email us at info@technative.io 

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