Allscripts enables over 1 Billion data shares

Interoperability between healthcare systems is a key factor in enabling practitioners to harness the power of data to provide better and more intelligent care for patients.

Allscripts, one of the world leaders in healthcare IT systems, has been partnering with software developers using open APIs to interface with third-party applications and devices. Collectively, these applications have exchanged data more than one billion times in less than three years, the majority of which occurred in 2015, marking the largest documented scaled use of modern APIs in health care.

The Allscripts Developer Program has certified more than 130 different applications and devices to date, all currently available through the Allscripts Application Store. Open APIs enable Allscripts clients to rapidly implement and use innovative solutions developed by Allscripts partners. Allscripts users can also use the APIs to develop their own internal projects.

Each of the quantified one billion “data shares” happens when an application either retrieves or delivers data to an Allscripts clinical solution. Given the steady acceleration in the number of data shares happening each day and the increase in the number of our clients adopting connected tools, the company expects to enable an additional 1.6 billion data shares in 2016 alone.

“For each of the last several years, we have more than doubled the number of data shares facilitated by Allscripts Open APIs,” Allscripts Chief Innovation Officer Stanley Crane said. “We hear from healthcare professionals that sending, receiving and repurposing patient data using API-connected tools makes them more intuitive and user-friendly. Allscripts continues to execute on the promise of innovation and interoperability in health care in a way that is also delivering meaningful value to our clients and their patients.”

Innovative applications enable immediate value for healthcare providers

Morrow Family Medicine (Cumming, Georgia, U.S.A.) is an Allscripts Professional EHR client that uses several of these certified applications, including eDoc4U, Phreesia and Remote+.

“Allscripts certified apps added immediate value to my practice as soon as I began using them,” Morrow Family Medicine Chief Executive Officer Jim Morrow, M.D., said. “The Allscripts Open APIs make it easy to share data among different solutions I use every day. Allscripts has been way ahead of the game in this area for several years.”

Hutchinson Clinic (Hutchinson, Kansas, U.S.A.) has been using Allscripts TouchWorks EHR as its core technology since 2008, and the Open platform has enabled physicians and staff to use more than 20 applications to exchange information with its EHR.

“TouchWorks EHR is the heart of our enterprise software system, and with the Open platform, we are able to take full advantage of several two-way connections that make everything more efficient for our clinicians and staff,” Hutchinson Senior Application Specialist Christopher Duskin said. “We can leverage what other apps do well, so that our clinicians have the right information at the right time and in the right place.”

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