Google Brillio comes to Intel IoT Technology

Brillo, by Google, offers a holistic approach to the IoT solution landscape.

Combine it with Intel IoT technology, and the possibilities are vast.  The Intel Edison module is a great starting point for developers designing for IoT. With a robust feature set including a high-performance, low-power dual-core CPU and integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, IoT developers can quickly innovate their ideas through the development lifecycle.

Brillo and Weave form a solution for building connected devices.  Incorporating aspects of the Android platform, Brillo* brings security, local and inter-device service compatibility, and a modular approach to building system components.  Sitting on top of Brillo, Weave* is an open communications protocol that supports discovery, provisioning, and authentication so that devices can connect and interact with one another, the Internet, and your mobile platforms.

Verified functionality of Brillo* with the Intel® Edison module now results in a versatile and secure IoT platform for scaling your projects beyond proofs of concept.  The built-in and pre-certified connectivity of the Intel Edison module, as well as the small form factor, open the door for new products and services that seamlessly connect with other devices.

To get the full low down, watch the introduction to Brillo below

Google Brillio comes to Intel IoT Technology TechNative
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