SONM Opens a $200,000 Challenge for the Tech Industry’s Most Innovative Developers


MOSCOW – SONM, the decentralized system and marketplace based on blockchain technology, is announcing its contest for the world’s most talented, innovative developers and tech enthusiasts to help shape the future of fog computing alongside the SONM team.

SONM is a decentralized fog computing platform and power marketplace for real world applications such as big data analysis, CGI rendering, scientific calculation, and machine learning. The marketplace allows users to connect their personal devices to one virtual space, creating a platform where consumers and suppliers can rent and purchase power from one another to be used for each computerized task.

SONM is on the search for top tier developers and tech aficionados by unleashing an open challenge, made up of two stages that test participants’ skills in solving the computerized tasks for one of the most exciting projects in the industry. Stage One is open to all who enter and will see entrants develop on Docker containers. There are 14 tasks to choose from, and entrants will work alongside SONM advisors on the task they choose. Stage Two will see deployment on the SONM network with the new API (v2). This stage will only be open to those who have been successful in Stage One and who have been invited to participate in this second round by their advisor.

Task winners will have access to the SONM main net and will be given an additional amount of SONM tokens for internal exchange. They will also have the opportunity to become the one of the first to run a live application on the SONM platform. Task prize money will vary according to task difficulty. Winners also also benefit from working and learning alongside experienced fog computing experts, while making new contacts and making a real impact on the most powerful platform in the world.

The deadline for Stage One Submissions is May 25, 2018. The deadline for Stage Two Submissions will be June 29, 2018. The winners will be revealed on July 03, 2018. Prizes will be paid in ETH/BTC based on the exchange rate on payment date. Link for entry or further submission instructions here:

“We’re looking forward to all entries submitted, hoping to find the top developers and biggest tech enthusiasts to become the first members of our marketplace platform to run live applications,” says Co-Founder of SONM, Aleksei Antonov. “We welcome everyone and anyone to compete, if they’re up to the task, and wish all participants luck in pursuing the grand total $200,000 prize fund. May the fog be with you!”

SONM will be in attendance at CoinDesk’s Consensus 2018, located at Booth 205 on the second floor of the New York Hilton Midtown. SONM’s Co-Founder Aleksei Antonov, and CTO Igor Lebedev, will both be speaking at the event.

About SONM:

Founded in 2016 by Sergey Ponomarev and Aleksei Antonov, SONM was created to offer the world a multi-purpose, computing platform where a variety of complex tasks could be carried out in one arena. SONM decentralized fog computing platform format was designed to be more cost-efficient than the average cloud service, hosting two global market audiences that are committed to computing power resources and cryptocurrency calculations. Notable partners of SONM include Dbrain, OpenFog Consortium, HP Cloud 28+.


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V2 launches Saudi Arabia-based public cloud offering


The V2 Public Cloud allows V2 to serve the needs of companies of all industries

Riyadh, KSA — Virtual Vision (V2), in partnership with Cloud Sigma and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have launched V2 Public Cloud – a public cloud offering based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The V2 Public Cloud allows V2 to serve the needs of companies of all industries in KSA and the surrounding region while contributing to the ongoing development of the nation’s expanding ICT infrastructure and the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

V2 Public Cloud offers customers a full suite of scalable capabilities ranging from advanced VM creation to high performance SSD-based and HHD storage systems. Offering worldwide connections at a low latency connectivity and providing a Telco-grade Cloud, V2 has ensured that networks and connectivity experience no delay in their provision as a one-stop-shop for cloud services.

“This is an important milestone for the development of ICT infrastructure here in Saudi Arabia, where it is projected that cloud computing will grow by 25% by 2022 as a result of the expansion of the digital economy and smart government,” said Hazem Sandouka, Chief Operating Officer at Virtual Vision. “We are proud to be advancing the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 and addressing the needs of our customers through the provision of a comprehensive expansion of data services that will help modernize local businesses and drive innovation across sectors as they embrace the agility and scalability V2 Public Cloud.”Mohammed Al-Kharouf, Chief Executive Officer at Virtual Vision said: “Our investments in cloud computing are a reflection of the growing demand in the GCC and wider Middle East for cloud services. Being able to offer a locally based public cloud solution is appealing to both corporate and government clients that want the benefits of this new technology but need to keep data locally for compliance or logistical reasons. Through the development and launch of V2 Public Cloud we hope to support and expedite the ongoing regional transition to cloud computing and deliver superior value to our customers.”

Offering flexible, easy-to-understand solutions with high-speed connectivity to customers across the Middle East, V2 guarantees greater reliability while remaining up-to-date with the latest developments and regulations in KSA. The newly launched cloud services provides 24/7 customer support to insure that assistance is always there if you need it.A member of the HPE-sponsored Cloud28+, V2 will also publish its cloud services as part of the community’s business solutions catalog. With more than 750 members and 26,000 services available, Cloud28+ helps unite customers with partners by focusing on matching workload and business needs to the right local expertise and support. As part of the KSA group on Cloud28+, V2 is contributing to raising the profile of local service providers and the expansion of innovation through technology both in the country and beyond.

Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps, Vice President of Service Providers and Cloud28+ Worldwide at Hewlett Packard Enterprise said: “We are working with V2 to bring our extensive portfolio of cloud services and infrastructure to customers in Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC region. Our partnership with V2, and our collaboration through Cloud28+, will allow us to together deliver the comprehensive solutions that businesses and organizations need to grow and adapt to today’s digital landscape.”

Robert Jenkin, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of CloudSigma said: “CloudSigma are excited to deliver a unique service offering with V2 to the KSA region. By combining ten years of operational excellence in the cloud space with a completely localized product and V2’s on the ground support and expertise, we believe we have the #1 public cloud in KSA.”

V2 is committed to bringing the world’s latest technologies, services, products and solutions to KSA and the wider Middle East. A cloud solution provider in both the public and private cloud, V2 is a Business Technology company that provides products based exclusively on the needs of organizations. Placing value in the adoption of new ideas and a focus on cloud deployments, the company has been providing established services with customers across KSA since 2006.

About Virtual Vision

Virtual Vision (V2) brings the world’s latest technologies, services, products and solutions to the Middle East. A technology company that understands business needs, Virtual Vision partners with prominent international to companies to offer its clients solutions and products that directly benefit them.

Virtual Vision is a full solution provider offering public and private cloud services, specialized application infrastructure, and 24/7 customer support and consulting services.

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Delivering IT for the Next Generation of Distributed Applications


The cloud is still evolving, and companies providing cloud solutions need to evolve along with it. Equinix, which has historically focused on more traditional data center paradigms, saw the disruption being caused by hyperscale cloud infrastructure and chose to launch a new platform to remain competitive.

Platform Equinix brings the advantages of more traditional operations while making it easier to perform tasks on edge devices and other devices outside of the main data center. Easy testing, trialing, and scaling give the platform powerful capabilities that match today’s demands.

GDPR: Unstructured Compliance

EU Data Protection GDPR bits and bytes

The GDPR is looming, and companies must take concrete steps to ensure they’re in compliance. Although companies tend to have a fairly good idea of their structured data, according to HPE Pointnext’s GDPR specialist Richard Fermont, unstructured data is proving to be a major challenge.

As data kept in Sharepoint, email, and file-sharing is unstructured, so companies relying on these technologies will need to be proactive. Pointnext helps companies establish their GDRP compliance roadmap and develop means for ensuring all data is in compliance.

Why one of the world’s largest telecoms carriers decided to scale up in the cloud

Closeup hand of woman with Cloud download on mobile smartphone.

Mobile providers do more than provide service to individuals and families. Many of the largest, including the Amsterdam-based VEON, serve multinational corporations and government entities. How can a company scale from individuals to some of the globe’s largest entities? VEON are one of world’s largest mobile operators – serving over 235 million customers. We spoke to their Chief Business Officer Eugene Viskovic to hear about their expansion into #cloud.

According to Viskovic, only Cloud28+ can provide the depth and breadth of applications necessary. The open nature of Cloud28+ provides an easy-to-use platform for finding the right solution providers.

Enhancing security & lowering costs with SD WAN

Digital illustration of Network technology

For companies, one goal of the cloud is to abstract away the details of tech. Behind the scenes, however, there are plenty of improvements occurring. NTT ICT is focusing on software-defined wide area networks to create application-aware routing and deliver better performance.

Improved technology means companies can use inexpensive devices as powerful networking infrastructure. Is an employee working with critical and time-dependent data? SD-WAN technology can use traffic inspection to send this data over expensive MPLS lines. Is an employee taking a break on Facebook? Send it over low-cost public internet lines to conserve more expensive bandwidth.

Healthcare in the Cloud: Staying Compliant


The healthcare sector lags behind other sectors when it comes to leveraging the cloud, and terms such as HIPPA, HITECH, and PCI can help explain this conservative approach. Comport provides solutions designed to meet modern regulations.

Today’s patients are more demanding, and they expect the type of comfort typically found in the hospitality industry. Furthermore, they expect easy access to information. Comport aims to bridge this gap while connecting healthcare entities to various cloud options.

Keeping your data center cool doesn’t have to be expensive

Bottom view of rack server storage and network against neon light in data center with dept of field in blue cool tone , technology background

People new to the tech field are often shocked as how large a role cooling plays in data center management. Open Kerfi, however, has an innovative solution: Rely on Iceland’s unique climate.

Iceland’s temperature varies little, and catastrophes aren’t a concern for keeping data safe. If the temperature rises, Iceland’s naturally windy climate can be harnessed to provide low-cost cooling. The cloud enables new tech management ideas, and utilizing regions’ competitive advantages, such as Iceland’s climate, can help deliver cost savings to clients.

Cloud28+ unveil integration with HPE Express App for Manufacturing

Industrial workers with notebook, teamwork

Manufacturing has always been dependent on technology, and the field is quick to incorporate computer technology and networking to remain profitable in a particularly competitive field. Traditional applications used in the field, however, can be complex and difficult to maintain.

HPE Express App for Manufacturing is integrated with Cloud28+ to provide robust on-premises solution to ease the application deployment process while letting businesses unify smart factory applications with legacy technologies.

Flexibility in the Hybrid Cloud Era

Double exposure of businessman shows modern technology as concept

Choosing a cloud platform is no small feat, as buyers must decide on the right hardware, find the proper vendors, and choose the right software solutions upon which to build. For Thorlakur Thorgeirsson, Head of Vertical Cloud Services at ALSO, partnering with Ormuco has proven useful for creating specialized deliverables to clients.

ALSO, thanks to their partnership with Ormuco and Cloud28+, offers a scalable solution that allows public cloud-like scaling with on-premise resources. This flexibility can be especially potent in the era of hybrid clouds.

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