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Should professional Enterprise VDI be free? – Yes, says tocario

The name tocario is currently only known among insiders of the cloud provider community. The Germany-based company was previously only active as a technology supplier in the area of ​​cloud and managed service providers. This should change fundamentally with the introduction of the new product.

In recent years two major US vendors who have brought a constant flow of innovations to the market have dominated the world of on-premise desktop virtualization. The focus of these innovations, however, is primarily aimed at the needs of large enterprise customers.

As a specialist for cloud technologies from Europe, tocario has always had a different perspective. In addition to the natural focus on data protection and data security, market conditions in Europe are also very different from the US. Small and medium-sized enterprises are significant part of the European economy.

‘”Within such an ecosystem, it is natural for a new technology to have a different focus”, says Carsten Unnerstall, co-founder and CEO of tocario.

The focus was and is to make desktop virtualization accessible to all enterprise sizes

The first product of tocario was a turnkey cloud desktop virtualization technology. Thanks to its integrated multi-tenant capability and a high level of self-service, service providers are able to deploy virtual desktops fully automated even for the smallest customers. In addition to micro-segmentation capabilities to enable high data security for each tenant, the “infrastructure-as-a-service” approach in desktop virtualization is absolutely unique. This allows the operation of any x86 operating system as a VDI in the data center. Service providers can thus address completely new scenarios for their customers moving beyond pure Windows or terminal service environments.

“These capabilities open up completely new uses for virtual desktops in businesses. That’s why we’ve decided to make our technology accessible to any size of business or installation, “said Unnerstall.

The new product with the speaking name Apexo is the further development of the previous technology. The new software can be downloaded for free at tocario and installed on any server. The special feature lies in the way the software can be put into operation. Apexo is an all-in-one solution. From hypervisor, to management and automation, to user management, everything is included.

The self-installation takes place via guided dialogue and creates a Hyper-Converged Desktop Infrastructure on the server. Therefore Apexo opens up VDI for IT operators of all sizes and enables installation on-premise, as-a-service and also in the cloud (for bare-metal-as-a-service providers such as softlayer).

Even in the pricing model tocario deliberately positions itself differently than their competitors. Licensing is not based on the number of users but on the number of parallel desktops.

“For the first time in desktop virtualization, we introduce a freemium model. Everyone can download our software for free and use up to nine desktops completely free of charge. We hope to finally make Enterprise Desktop Virtualization accessible to all companies. Customer benefit and added value are paramount. Complex installations and complicated pricing models will no longer be a barrier to VDI in the future, “commented Michael Kurz, Chief Sales Officer at tocario.

Apexo is now available as a preview version at

About the Author

Desktop Virtualization for Everyone TechNativeCarsten Unnerstall is a passionate evangelist for future of work, Digital Evolution and Digital Workspaces. He is an experienced entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder of tocario (Cloud Workspace Technology) with a professional background of working in B2B Internet and Enterprise IT companies – both within startups and large international corporations.

For his work with tocario he has been awarded a number of prices and honors including „Most Outstanding Software Company“, „Business Excellence Award“ for four times in a row as well as „Techtour 36“ naming the 36 most innovative companies in Europe.

Cloud28+ Momentum Continues into 2019

3D rendering abstract of world network, internet and global connection concept

Cloud28+ has continued to grow dramatically in 2018, and many key stakeholders in the global community are set to gather, as part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s flagship Discover Madrid event between 26th -29th November

HPE executives, along with leading industry influencers and partners, will have a chance to meet in person. Importantly, end customers will have a strong voice in the conversation, giving HPE executives and partners a chance to foster growth and develop better services. Something HPE is currently doing for its own IT service providers – as part of its recently launched survey.

The goal of Cloud28+ is to foster enterprise cloud adoption through a community-driven approach. With close to 1,000 around the world, Cloud28+ focuses on matching customers to partners, who can meet their business requirements, including any local regulatory needs. The community also accelerates partner-to-partner alliances to create new hybrid cloud offerings.

A major source of conversation in this year’s event will undoubtedly revolve around Cloud28+’s expanding digital marketing opportunities for its members, including eCampaigns and Spotlight Pages. The Cloud28+ eCampaigns provide partners a simple way to engage with customers via surveys coupled with industry analyst insights. The Spotlight Pages give Cloud28+ members the ability to create their own personalized hubs on the community’s platform, enabling them to provide more clarity about their know-how and offerings. Personalized branding will help members amplify their own identities, while social media outreach will encourage end users to keep checking back in. These digital marketing features provide a range of growth opportunities.

Attending HPE Discover?  Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps will be hosting a panel with existing partners which will showcase  Cloud28+ as both a worldwide community and a digital business platform for customers and partners to connect. Discover how Cloud28+ is working with partners to drive business benefits with an overview of the platform, success stories and partner testimonials at HPE Discover on Tuesday 27th November in theatre 6.

Perhaps the most exciting benefit of the event is fostering even better collaboration across borders. Too often, tech becomes segregated by country or region, with end users and vendors focusing on discrete geographical areas. The state of innovation today, however, benefits from new offerings from around the world. Much like an incubator, Cloud28+’s open nature nurtures new partnerships and solutions development among members of different categories and geographic locations.

Meeting face-to-face at HPE Discover Madrid also offers participants an opportunity to gain some clarity on how hybrid cloud is evolving. The concepts of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are still changing, and hybrid solutions aim to fill in some of the gaps that keep certain organizations from fully committing to the cloud. End users can share where current offerings can be improved, and those providing services can demonstrate use cases where their unique offerings excel. Collaboration is key to fully tapping into the power of the cloud; no single entity can offer a fully integrated approach that satisfies the needs of most users. By building a federation of organizations of all sizes and with varying needs, Cloud28+ is at the forefront of the hybrid cloud trend.

UKFast Launches Superfast Desktop in the Cloud


FASTdesk GPU delivers 112x speed boost

Two years ago UKFast launched FASTdesk, a service enabling businesses to log in to a desktop from anywhere in the world, from any device, removing the need for investment in hardware.

The launch has been so successful that today UKFast announces the next generation of the platform, designed to tackle the more intensive needs of designers, creatives and architects.

The new service – FASTdesk GPU – solves a common problem for designers, architects, data analysts and anyone running high-GPU (graphics processing unit) workloads, which traditionally require powerful desktop computers to operate effectively.

UKFast Launches Superfast Desktop in the Cloud TechNative

FASTdesk GPU is ideal for running applications like Adobe Photoshop®, 3D CAD, media composers and other graphics-intensive applications, with all the resource and performance sitting in the cloud.

Industry standard tests for measuring compute power show FASTdesk GPU delivering up to 34 times the speed of standard CPU when performing image processing tasks and up to 112 times when performing cryptography functions.

The solution is powered by NVIDIA GRID™ technology, combined with Nvidia Tesla P40 GPU’s and delivers 4GB GDDR5 graphics memory for each desktop.

UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones said: “Cloud desktop applications enable businesses to evolve and meet the demands of their workforce. It’s naïve to think that people want to complete their given tasks between certain hours or in certain locations.

We all work the hours we choose and are often inspired outside of the hours of 9am and 5pm and want to work on ideas and pass them on to colleagues. FASTdesk GPU enables a new level of flexibility and allows you to work from the top of a mountain if you choose to.

FASTdesk GPU is the latest innovation within the firm’s eCloud range which includes public, hybrid and private clouds as well as ‘drag and drop’ cloud storage solution, eCloud Vault and open source development platform, eCloud Flex.

UKFast CTO Neil Lathwood added: “To assemble the hardware for an equivalent machine would cost at least £10,000. On top of that we take care of all the maintenance, upgrades and backups. It also removes a serious security concern, eliminating the risk of data loss through the theft or loss of a device.”

FASTdesk GPU costs £160 per user per month.

The news comes as UKFast reveals that its cloud desktop service – FASTdesk – now delivers £360,000 annual recurring revenue for the firm, having grown 161% in H1 2018 compared to the same period last year.

Following its launch in 2016, the FASTdesk platform is now home to more than 300 users.

Check out UKFast’s blog for a deeper technical dive into the platform and more on how GPU can accelerate your business.

UKFast Launches Superfast Desktop in the Cloud TechNative
Lawrence Jones, UKFast CEO

About UKFast

UKFast is one of the largest independently owned hosting providers in the UK, having a current revenue run-rate of more than £50 million and posting £47 million turnover in 2017.

UKFast provides dedicated servers, cloud services and colocation to more than 5,000 government, public sector and commercial organisations, with a wide-ranging product portfolio including Infrastructure as a Service, DR as a Service and its cloud offering, eCloud®.

UKFast has developed educational partnerships as part of its mission to promote innovation and reach out to a new generation of digital superstars. Working with 60 schools and colleges, reaching 60,000 young people in Greater Manchester, UKFast’s team run more than 500 educational events a year. The firm’s team of full-time teachers run masterclasses, workshops and code clubs and also deliver an award-winning technical apprenticeship scheme.

Alongside its product range, UKFast has four fully owned, custom-built data centres and its cybersecurity arm Secarma specialises in ethical hacking and penetration testing.

The family of businesses owned by founders Lawrence and Gail Jones employs 450 people, with UKFast directly employing 325.

Among many accolades, UKFast has been named Cloud Provider of the Year at the CRN Awards and Employer of the Year at the National Business Awards. Its 500-seater auditorium hosts events and exhibitions, and provides a free meeting space for the UK tech community.

SONM powers up its fog computing platform to give users a marketplace where buying and renting computing power is possible


SONM announces the launch of its fog computing platform that allows users to rent or purchase computer power in its decentralized marketplace to solve computing tasks

July 2018 –  SONM, the open-source decentralized system and blockchain-based marketplace, is announcing the launch of its fog computing platform. SONM allows users to connect their personal devices to one platform, creating a decentralized marketplace where consumers and suppliers can rent and purchase computing power from one another to be used for specific computing tasks.

The SONM marketplace consists of suppliers and consumers that either rent out or purchase computing power to perform their tasks. Consumers that connect to the virtual space can select a rental time and volume of resources, calculate the cost accordingly, and buy the available power needed for their projects. While the power resources are at their disposal, consumers can take advantage of SONM’s capabilities to make scientific calculations, work with machine learning and big data, render videos, host apps and websites, and manage data storage.

Users of the new platform are able to solve computing tasks with the use of GPU, CPU, free disk space, or RAM and network bandwidth, without the need to purchase any special equipment. To get started, PC or server owners just have to install, then customize the SONM software. For suppliers of computing resources, SONM offers a viable alternative to mining, allowing them to earn not only from searching parameters for hash keys, but also by completing real business tasks.

In order to start working on the platform, both consumers and suppliers of computing resources must purchase SONM tokens, named ‘SNM.’ The suppliers, who are the owners of the computing power, earn SNM tokens when they sell computer resources to the consumers. Interaction between the supplier and consumer is automated and takes place directly (P2P) via a blockchain marketplace. A smart contract ensures the fulfilment of payments.

The SONM infrastructure is suitable to run any software on Linux, including commercial software with closed source code. The computing resources of GPUs are ideal for the solution of tasks linked to machine learning, big data analysis and rendering. SONM can also be used for the storage of large data sets.

Additionally, SONM is suitable for mining any kind of cryptocurrency, offering consumers a minimum basic income from mining. SONM will launch a bot that will monitor the crypto market and automatically channel the resources of the idle equipment to mining.

“It’s our dream to provide an alternative to the cloud that can complete more than one task amongst a variety of clients and their computational needs,” says the co-founder of SONM, Aleksei Antonov. “Based on blockchain technology and by using fog computing services, we have built a environment where cryptocurrency and computing power resources can complement each other, with an expanding potential that comes from the millions of devices connected to our platform, globally. SONM’s vision for the future includes a set of masternodes that will secure the marketplace that operates on our own blockchain network. The masternodes will be set up by the SNM token holders themselves, and they will be rewarded for performing the action.”


Founded in 2016 by Aleksei Antonov and Sergey Ponomarev, SONM was created to offer the world a multi-purpose, computing platform where a variety of complex tasks could be carried out in one arena. SONM’s decentralized fog computing platform format was designed to be more cost-efficient than the average cloud service, hosting global market audiences that are committed to computing power resources and cryptocurrency calculations. Notable partners of SONM include OpenFog Consortium and HP Cloud 28+.

The Future of Workspace-as-a-Service

Man working with futuristic interface

There is no cookie-cutter approach to end-user computing in today’s businesses

While today’s employees expect a full desktop experience on any device at any time, delivering this can be a huge headache when you consider the regular updates and patches required by Windows for example, not to mention the legacy systems and infrastructure that must interact with each other to deliver this experience.

“Businesses today are facing very different challenges than 10-20 years ago” says Awingu CMO Arnaud Marlière.

The reality is, we depend on legacy choices, legacy infrastructure etc – and you can’t just erase that. Because of this legacy, it is limiting your choices, increasing complexity and very often leading to pretty high costs.

Awingu, a Belgium ISV founded in 2013, were named in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Unified Workspaces 2017. Their software aggregates all company files and applications to one secure online workspace that can be accessed from any device or OS using any HTML5-based browser. Their focus on simplicity also delivers cost efficiency for users.

Awingu are members of Cloud28+, a growing hybrid IT community and digital business platform for HPE partners and customers. It helps partners create new alliances, while expanding their offerings and market visibility. It gives customers one place to go to find trusted, enterprise cloud services that meet their specific workload or regulatory requirements. With close to 900 partners in 60 countries, Cloud28+ is the largest cloud aggregator today.

HPE acquisition of Plexxi is final


On May 15, 2018, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced its plan to acquire Plexxi, a leading provider of software-defined data fabric networking technology. On June 1, the acquisition was final.

Founded in 2010, Plexxi is focused on enabling data center modernization and hybrid cloud with its software-defined data fabric. The company will help HPE deliver speed and simplicity to customers by extending and strengthening HPE’s software-defined portfolio. By seamlessly combining Plexxi’s next-generation data center fabric with HPE’s existing software-defined infrastructure, HPE can deliver a true cloud-like experience in the data center.

With the acquisition, HPE will have the ability to deliver hyperconverged and composable solutions with a next-generation data network fabric that can automatically create or re-balance bandwidth to workload needs. This capability will increase agility and efficiency, and accelerate how quickly companies deploy applications and draw business value from their data.

Integrating Plexxi technology into HPE hyperconverged solutions

Building on last year’s SimpliVity acquisition, Plexxi will enable HPE to deliver the industry’s only hyperconverged offering that incorporates compute, storage, and networking fabric into a single solution, with a single management interface and support.  A combined HPE SimpliVity powered by Intel® plus Plexxi solution will provide customers with a highly dynamic workload-based model to better align IT resources to business priorities.

Extending composable infrastructure portfolio with Plexxi

Composable infrastructure, built on HPE OneView, is a new category of infrastructure that delivers fluid pools of storage and compute resources that can be composed and recomposed as business needs dictate.  In the near future with Plexxi, HPE will deliver new composable infrastructure solutions to a broader set of use cases across the data center.

For more information about HPE’s acquisition of Plexxi, read the blog article from Ric Lewis, SVP and GM of HPE’s Software-defined and Cloud Group: HPE to Acquire Plexxi.

Pulsant Partners with Armor, Protecting Organisations’ Cloud Data from Cyber Threats, while Enabling Adherence to GDPR Regulations


Pulsant, a leading UK provider of hybrid cloud solutions, has joined forces with Armor, a top provider of threat prevention and response services for private, hybrid, and public cloud environments

Combining Pulsant Protect —a comprehensive solution that covers the entire organisation, from people and networks to cloud infrastructure and applications —with Armor’s extensive portfolio of security services will ensure that each customer’s valuable data is protected from current and emerging cyber threats, while enabling the organisations to meet their GDPR requirements.

With the PulsantArmor partnership, customers can turn up full-stack security for their cloud workloads in two minutes or less, while complying with regulatory mandates including GDPR, PCI, and more. Armor blocks 99.999% of cyber threats and provides customers with 24/7/365 threat monitoring and instant access to its team of on-demand security experts.

Martin Lipka, Head of Connectivity Architecture, Pulsant, says: “We’ve always been impressed with what Armor has been able to achieve in the cybersecurity space, and so it’s great to be working so closely with them to bring these capabilities into our own security solutions. Through this partnership, we’ll be able to offer our customers an even better range of solutions.”

Armor’s compliance with a range of regulations further strengthens Pulsant’s own compliance service, leveraging the same operational analytics for intelligent security monitoring as well as continuous alignment to regulatory frameworks.

Lipka continues: “This is an important benefit that we can deliver to our customers alongside Armor. By using the same deep monitoring and analysis of their physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures, we can keep their infrastructures secure while demonstrating to auditors and regulators that they are, in conjunction with their own best practices, complying with applicable regulations.”

Chris Drake, Founder and CEO, Armor, says: “After spending a lot of time with the leadership and people of Pulsant, it was clear to me that Pulsant shared our same core values to guide and protect customers as they evolve their organisations. With that, Armor is extremely honoured to be partnering with Pulsant. Working hand in hand, Pulsant and Armor will provide organisations with the robust, real-time protections needed to defend against the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, while enabling organisations to meet and exceed their compliance requirements.”

About Pulsant

Pulsant is one of the UK’s leading providers of hybrid cloud solutions with a core focus on private and public cloud services, network connectivity, security and integration. Since its establishment in 1995, Pulsant has demonstrated tremendous growth and currently serves more than 4,000 customers — mid to large-size organisations in both the private and public sector — across a variety of industries.

The company operates an interconnected fabric between its 15 datacentres and other hybrid cloud services providers ensuring its customers have access to secure, high performance connectivity across the UK. In addition, Pulsant has a strong global presence delivering its services for customers across continents.

Pulsant holds a number of accreditations, including ISO27001, PCI DSS and BSI CSA Star for cloud security. The company is also on the G-Cloud framework and was awarded the Royal Warrant as a provider of hosted IT and datacentre services to the Royal household.

About Armor

Armor protects customers’ vital assets and helps prevent data breaches through managed multi-layer security for public and private clouds. The Armor team also applies extensive military cyber security experience for proactive threat detection, response, and remediation. Forward-thinking organisations trust Armor for data security and compliance to stay ahead of cyber threats in the cloud. To learn more, visit or follow @armor.

SONM Opens a $200,000 Challenge for the Tech Industry’s Most Innovative Developers


MOSCOW – SONM, the decentralized system and marketplace based on blockchain technology, is announcing its contest for the world’s most talented, innovative developers and tech enthusiasts to help shape the future of fog computing alongside the SONM team.

SONM is a decentralized fog computing platform and power marketplace for real world applications such as big data analysis, CGI rendering, scientific calculation, and machine learning. The marketplace allows users to connect their personal devices to one virtual space, creating a platform where consumers and suppliers can rent and purchase power from one another to be used for each computerized task.

SONM is on the search for top tier developers and tech aficionados by unleashing an open challenge, made up of two stages that test participants’ skills in solving the computerized tasks for one of the most exciting projects in the industry. Stage One is open to all who enter and will see entrants develop on Docker containers. There are 14 tasks to choose from, and entrants will work alongside SONM advisors on the task they choose. Stage Two will see deployment on the SONM network with the new API (v2). This stage will only be open to those who have been successful in Stage One and who have been invited to participate in this second round by their advisor.

Task winners will have access to the SONM main net and will be given an additional amount of SONM tokens for internal exchange. They will also have the opportunity to become the one of the first to run a live application on the SONM platform. Task prize money will vary according to task difficulty. Winners also also benefit from working and learning alongside experienced fog computing experts, while making new contacts and making a real impact on the most powerful platform in the world.

The deadline for Stage One Submissions is May 25, 2018. The deadline for Stage Two Submissions will be June 29, 2018. The winners will be revealed on July 03, 2018. Prizes will be paid in ETH/BTC based on the exchange rate on payment date. Link for entry or further submission instructions here:

“We’re looking forward to all entries submitted, hoping to find the top developers and biggest tech enthusiasts to become the first members of our marketplace platform to run live applications,” says Co-Founder of SONM, Aleksei Antonov. “We welcome everyone and anyone to compete, if they’re up to the task, and wish all participants luck in pursuing the grand total $200,000 prize fund. May the fog be with you!”

SONM will be in attendance at CoinDesk’s Consensus 2018, located at Booth 205 on the second floor of the New York Hilton Midtown. SONM’s Co-Founder Aleksei Antonov, and CTO Igor Lebedev, will both be speaking at the event.

About SONM:

Founded in 2016 by Sergey Ponomarev and Aleksei Antonov, SONM was created to offer the world a multi-purpose, computing platform where a variety of complex tasks could be carried out in one arena. SONM decentralized fog computing platform format was designed to be more cost-efficient than the average cloud service, hosting two global market audiences that are committed to computing power resources and cryptocurrency calculations. Notable partners of SONM include Dbrain, OpenFog Consortium, HP Cloud 28+.


Company Media:
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V2 launches Saudi Arabia-based public cloud offering


The V2 Public Cloud allows V2 to serve the needs of companies of all industries

Riyadh, KSA — Virtual Vision (V2), in partnership with Cloud Sigma and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have launched V2 Public Cloud – a public cloud offering based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The V2 Public Cloud allows V2 to serve the needs of companies of all industries in KSA and the surrounding region while contributing to the ongoing development of the nation’s expanding ICT infrastructure and the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

V2 Public Cloud offers customers a full suite of scalable capabilities ranging from advanced VM creation to high performance SSD-based and HHD storage systems. Offering worldwide connections at a low latency connectivity and providing a Telco-grade Cloud, V2 has ensured that networks and connectivity experience no delay in their provision as a one-stop-shop for cloud services.

“This is an important milestone for the development of ICT infrastructure here in Saudi Arabia, where it is projected that cloud computing will grow by 25% by 2022 as a result of the expansion of the digital economy and smart government,” said Hazem Sandouka, Chief Operating Officer at Virtual Vision. “We are proud to be advancing the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 and addressing the needs of our customers through the provision of a comprehensive expansion of data services that will help modernize local businesses and drive innovation across sectors as they embrace the agility and scalability V2 Public Cloud.”Mohammed Al-Kharouf, Chief Executive Officer at Virtual Vision said: “Our investments in cloud computing are a reflection of the growing demand in the GCC and wider Middle East for cloud services. Being able to offer a locally based public cloud solution is appealing to both corporate and government clients that want the benefits of this new technology but need to keep data locally for compliance or logistical reasons. Through the development and launch of V2 Public Cloud we hope to support and expedite the ongoing regional transition to cloud computing and deliver superior value to our customers.”

Offering flexible, easy-to-understand solutions with high-speed connectivity to customers across the Middle East, V2 guarantees greater reliability while remaining up-to-date with the latest developments and regulations in KSA. The newly launched cloud services provides 24/7 customer support to insure that assistance is always there if you need it.A member of the HPE-sponsored Cloud28+, V2 will also publish its cloud services as part of the community’s business solutions catalog. With more than 750 members and 26,000 services available, Cloud28+ helps unite customers with partners by focusing on matching workload and business needs to the right local expertise and support. As part of the KSA group on Cloud28+, V2 is contributing to raising the profile of local service providers and the expansion of innovation through technology both in the country and beyond.

Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps, Vice President of Service Providers and Cloud28+ Worldwide at Hewlett Packard Enterprise said: “We are working with V2 to bring our extensive portfolio of cloud services and infrastructure to customers in Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC region. Our partnership with V2, and our collaboration through Cloud28+, will allow us to together deliver the comprehensive solutions that businesses and organizations need to grow and adapt to today’s digital landscape.”

Robert Jenkin, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of CloudSigma said: “CloudSigma are excited to deliver a unique service offering with V2 to the KSA region. By combining ten years of operational excellence in the cloud space with a completely localized product and V2’s on the ground support and expertise, we believe we have the #1 public cloud in KSA.”

V2 is committed to bringing the world’s latest technologies, services, products and solutions to KSA and the wider Middle East. A cloud solution provider in both the public and private cloud, V2 is a Business Technology company that provides products based exclusively on the needs of organizations. Placing value in the adoption of new ideas and a focus on cloud deployments, the company has been providing established services with customers across KSA since 2006.

About Virtual Vision

Virtual Vision (V2) brings the world’s latest technologies, services, products and solutions to the Middle East. A technology company that understands business needs, Virtual Vision partners with prominent international to companies to offer its clients solutions and products that directly benefit them.

Virtual Vision is a full solution provider offering public and private cloud services, specialized application infrastructure, and 24/7 customer support and consulting services.

Media Contacts:

Rahul Rutanen-Whaley

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+971 55 194 3367

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Delivering IT for the Next Generation of Distributed Applications


The cloud is still evolving, and companies providing cloud solutions need to evolve along with it. Equinix, which has historically focused on more traditional data center paradigms, saw the disruption being caused by hyperscale cloud infrastructure and chose to launch a new platform to remain competitive.

Platform Equinix brings the advantages of more traditional operations while making it easier to perform tasks on edge devices and other devices outside of the main data center. Easy testing, trialing, and scaling give the platform powerful capabilities that match today’s demands.

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