FlexPod for Healthcare: Addressing the compliance challenge

Healthcare CIOs face a range of regulatory obligations

Compliance challenges are common among NetApp’s healthcare partners, according to Lee Howard. FlexPod aims to help customers meet these demands through their standardized and extensible platform to ensure healthcare organizations can continue to scale and grow. An emphasis on human capital provides a solid foundation upon which to build.

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NetApp place importance on cloud partnerships

A multi cloud approach

Jeff McCullough of NetApp explains how NetApp is unique due to their established relationships with establishing hyperscale cloud providers. Relationships with Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud provide NetApp’s partners with the ability to offer a range of services for clients of all sizes. Partners can seamlessly combine on-prem and hyperscale, and everything in between, in a seamless manner.

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FlexPod: Addressing the unique data needs in healthcare (Part 2)

Built for Healthcare IT

NetApp, through FlexPod, is expanding its healthcare vertical offerings first through electronic medical records, according to Arun Garg, followed by imaging services. The sheer amount of data involved demands a comprehensive solution. Partners with both healthcare expertise and FlexPod expertise will be the lead partners to implement change, and other partners will come online shortly thereafter.

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FlexPod for Healthcare: consolidating your data

Breaking down the data silos

Peter Friedman, of NetApp, discussing the unique needs of the healthcare industry when it comes to IT infrastructure, including the field’s unique, and highly regulated, means of handling data. FlexPod customers are able to centralize their data and determine the best methods of transferring data between sites and ensuring both security and the access required for running a healthcare organization.

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Partner’s transition to cloud business models

Making money in the cloud

Many NetApp partners are transitioning from selling on-prem solutions to cloud solutions, according to NetApp’s Jeff McCullough. As NetApp has itself moved from on-prem to the cloud, they’re also working to ensure their partners are able to make the switch in a seamless manner that maintains their revenue and provides new growth opportunities.

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NetApp Cloud Volumes: Connecting the Dots

Cloud partnerships empower FlexPod customers

NetApp’s Arun Garg explains how NetApp’s partnerships with companies including Microsoft, Amazon, and Google enables them to provide NetApp Cloud Volumes, which enables easier data transportation between the world’s largest cloud platforms and their own on-prem solutions. This flexibility gives customers excellent control over their data.

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CTO Lee Howard talks about NetApp partner success

Customers don’t want to talk infrastructure

Lee Howard, of NetApp, outlines the value proposition NetApp offers to partners: An ability to handle customers’ increasing desire to avoid discussing physical infrastructure and instead focus on what they can provide. Thanks to the end-to-end offerings NetApp provides, partners can be confident they’re working with an comprehensive and flexible provider that can abstract away many of the details today’s customers don’t want to spend time worrying about.

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FlexPod: Part of Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Why FlexPod can be a critical component in Hybrid Cloud

When FlexPod launched, customers had to be convinced of the merits of converged infrastructure. Today, according to NetApp’s Russell Fishman, customers need to be convinced that FlexPod is a way to enjoy a cloud platform on-prem as part of a hybrid cloud strategy. Fishman outlines some of the advantages FlexPod provides and how FlexPod has incorporated data fabric into a hybrid native-friendly manner, making it easier to incorporate siloed data into a connected workload.

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FlexPod: A Consistent Platform for IT

IT built for today’s needs

FlexPod is built upon architectural and design principles that deliver a consistent platform to users, according to Cisco’s Siva Sivakumar. Thorough validation processes also play a role in ensuring a consistent end result for customers, enabling greater confidence for those settling on the FlexPod platform. With more than 100 validated designs, FlexPod users have a broad array of cohesive designs that work seamlessly with consistent FlexPod software.

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Solving data sovereignty challenges with FlexPod

Data Sovereignty – essential to some

Data sovereignty issues can arise when working with the cloud, and ensuring data is secured is essential. Cisco’s David Loy explains how FlexPod, working with partners, can provide managed services for companies or government entities, enabling them to deliver data in a safe and compliant manner. Loy also discusses the strength of the Cisco and NetApp partnership and how their combined capabilities make them a pairing customers and partners feel confident working with.

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