FlexPod for 3D Visualization (part 2)

3D visualization doesn’t have to be an exclusive club

3D visualization can be a powerful tool in nearly all industries, but not all companies can afford the cost of standalone solutions, according to NetApp’s Chris “C-Rod” Rodriguez. Cloud-based 3D visualization solutions can deliver these features to smaller companies by allowing them to connect to remote sites with appropriate hardware.

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FlexPod: What’s Next? – Siva Sivakumar

What will the next 12 months bring for FlexPod customers?

Cisco’s Senior Director of Data Center Solutions, Siva Sivakumar, outlines some of Cisco’s innovations to improve business continuity. Cisco’s ACI will enable powerful software-defined networking capabilities to enable seamless multi-site solutions, which, in conjunction with NetApp’s offerings, will allow FlexPod customers to enjoy flexible and feature-rich collaboration.

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NetApp in 2018/19: Expanding Partner Capability

Exciting possibilities for NetApp partners

Jeff McCullough of NetApp discusses how the company is providing exciting opportunities for their partners through FlexPod and other offerings. NetApp’s growing suite of services will enable partners to use NetApp in an end-to-end manner, providing simpler management and easier integration with their own products and services. NetApp’s robust offerings provide excellent capabilities for customers as well as partners.

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Cloud: Customers Want the Benefit, Not the Complexity

The cloud conundrum

How can companies enjoy the benefits of using a cloud without dealing with the complexity of building one on-prem? NetApp’s Arun Garg discusses how FlexPod can be used in datacenters to enjoy cloud-scale data and resource management with their existing or new infrastructure. Garg also discusses the FlexPod ecosystem and how it can connect users with the right partners.

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NetApp: Partnership First – Jeff McCullough

Partnership matters

A significant portion of NetApp’s go-to-market capabilities are based on its partners, according to NetApp’s Jeff McCullough. McCullough discusses how critical channel partners are woven into the fabric of NetApp and how the company plans on ensuring their partners are given the ability to thrive in an evolving market.

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FlexPod: Managed Private Cloud

Democratizing FlexPod for the masses

Customers are looking for new ways to consume infrastructure, according to NetApp’s Lee Howard. Some smaller companies simply lack the expertise to handle converged infrastructure, while larger companies might lack the funding. FlexPod aims to provide a managed private cloud to democratize FlexPod for the masses. Regardless of expertise, all companies should be able to take advantage of powerful, and validated, architecture.

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FlexPod: Maintaining a structured data pipeline – Lee Howard

FlexPod – what’s next?

Lee Howard of NetApp discusses how the FlexPod approach is slated to evolve in 2018. Customers can expect a move to a more DevOps-like approach, a change that will prove beneficial even to companies that aren’t software development shops. No matter what new trends companies want to integrate into their operations, FlexPod is providing a flexible and powerful approach.

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FlexPod: Helping the channel with industry vertical solutions – David Loy

Empowering the IT channel

Channel partners are an essential part of today’s IT infrastructure, but defining their relationship isn’t always easy. Cisco’s David Loy discusses how Cisco and Netapp and helping their channel partners thrive in an era where their demands continue to grow, allowing them to carve out valuable roles and provide real value to their customers.

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NetApp & Cisco: a compelling partnership – David Loy

A durable and reliable IT solution

FlexPod came from a partnership between Cisco and NetApp, but what is the nature of the relationship? David Loy from Cisco discusses how FlexPod is able to leverage the strengths of both multi-billion-dollar companies to create a platform that meets the needs of today’s clients and how the long-term relationship will ensure customers have a durable and reliable platform to build upon.

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FlexPod: Built on a deep partnership (part 2) – Tim Rod

Focusing on innovation

CIOs and CTOs already have a wide set of responsibilities, and having to worry about multiple IT foundations while maximizing security and efficiency adds significant complexity and makes for more difficult management. Tim Rod of Cisco explains how FlexPod lets C-level executives focus on what they do best instead of having to spend time on lower-level IT infrastructure issues. FlexPod is designed for the managed private cloud in a hybrid cloud world.

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