FlexPod breaks new ground in healthcare – Ketan Mota

Modernizing Healthcare

With more than 4,000 healthcare customers, FlexPod has been a hit for healthcare companies looking to modernize their IT approach. Ketan Mota from NetApp explains how the launch of FlexPod for Healthcare will provide an impressive degree of vertical integration. With electronic medical records and imaging capability, FlexPod for Healthcare is increasingly becoming a one-stop solution for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

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FlexPod: Built on a deep partnership – Tim Rod

From Synergy to Success

Tim Rod, Director of Converged Infrastructure at Cisco, discusses how the company’s long history of engaging their partner community benefits the company itself and its FlexPod portfolio. Much of the platform’s success is due to the synergy between Cisco and NetApp and their ability to provide a platform based on the success of both companies. The results, as Rod states, speak for themselves.

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AI & Machine Learning: The Workload Ripple Effect

An IT architecture for AI and data science

As NetApp continues to transform its public image, the company is taking a big-picture approach when developing its architecture to meet the demands of modern IT. With data science growing in popularity, NetApp is focusing on how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning can create a ripple effect in the workplace, providing benefits that employees throughout the organization can tap into.

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FlexPod: 5 Quarters of Growth – Peter Friedman

Platform, partnerships and go-to-market

FlexPod has seen remarkable growth, and a recent IDC report unveiled that the platform has experienced five consecutive quarters of growth. NetApp’s Peter Friedman explains some of the reasons for this success, including favorable market conditions, the platform’s simple marketing, excellent partnerships, and a strong go-to-market strategy.

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Addressing the unique data needs in healthcare – Arun Garg

FlexPod has proven to be a powerful foundation for delivering private cloud solutions to a diverse array of customers

NetApp’s Arun Garg explains how FlexPod is now focusing on its first specific vertical market: Healthcare. He explains why FlexPod and healthcare are a natural pairing, including the platform’s existing presence in healthcare and the platform’s inherent strengths in handling the unique needs of the healthcare market.

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How FlexPod is democratizing innovation: Lee Howard

Founded in 1992, NetApp has had to evolve over the years to keep up with changing IT

NetApp’s Lee Howard explains how NetApp has changed its focus to becoming a company working to enable innovation in their partners. The democratized approach, which moves beyond NetApp’s expertise in infrastructure by forging new partnerships, enables these coalitions to thrive in an era where company’s IT infrastructure needs are complex and only becoming more complicated.

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FlexPod for 3D Visualization: Chris “C-ROD” Rodriguez

3D visualization provides a powerful tool of making sense of data within healthcare and in other fields

NetApp’s Chris “C-Rod” Rodriguez demos FlexPod’s powerful 3D visualization streaming system, which can provide seemingly real-time interaction even when hosted on servers that may be hundreds of miles away. FlexPod also provides collaborative capabilities, letting up to four people view 3D visualizations at once.

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IT Infrastructure: It’s about pragmatism

Businesses working with IT are constantly dealing with a stream of advice for how to best handle their day-to-day operations.

NetApp’s Russell Fishman explains one factor that is often overlooking in this sea of suggestions: Pragmatism. While the cloud offers tremendous advantages, hybrid approaches should be viewed as the default for the foreseeable future, even as roles between remote and on-prem infrastructure change.

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FlexPod in Healthcare: Siva Sivakumar

FlexPod’s success in the healthcare field has been remarkable

Cisco’s Siva Sivakumar explains how both Cisco and NetApp were able to combine existing technologies from both companies to provide a solid foundation. Today, FlexPod has the versatility to handle a wide range of workloads throughout the healthcare field in an optimized manner, but it’s still able to provide consistent platform operation and management.

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