Certes Networks and Airwatch partner on mobility security initiative

SDN security leaders Certes Networks have announced a partnership with AirWatch to deliver end-to-end security of enterprise applications on any device on any network in any location.

Unlike siloed, perimeter-based security solutions, the Certes solution with AirWatch will address end-to-end security, isolation and segmentation of enterprise applications on all internal and external networks.

“The era of borderless applications and widespread personal devices creates a cascading series of challenges for IT security,” said Satyam Tyagi, CTO of Certes Networks. “Certes and AirWatch will deliver solutions that cut across siloes and provide true end-to-end security, protecting users, applications, networks and devices in the evolving IT environment.”

The solutions will extend Certes’ innovative virtual application security technologies to support mobile devices managed by AirWatch’s industry leading EMM solutions.

Ian Evans, senior vice president and EMEA managing director, AirWatch said “AirWatch and Certes are working to deliver next generation security solutions that support and enable modern work habits of employees on the go, promoting business efficiency while enabling sensitive information to be safe and secure.”

The combination will permit:

  • Role-based access control, simplified keying, and real-time policy enforcement on a per-application basis. Certes’ CryptoFlows create a secure virtual overlay network specific to each enterprise application, bridging from application servers in the data center or cloud to users on any device across siloes and traditional enterprise perimeters.
  • Simplified and safer Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs that enable security managers to enforce and audit end-to-end application protection for personal smartphones and tablets.
  • Frictionless security policy management and crypto-segmentation of applications to prevent lateral movement by hackers if a user is compromised or firewall is breached.
  • The ability to share applications with external suppliers and partners without increasing the risk of a catastrophic data breach.
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