Cloud Foundry launch new PaaS certification programme

 Cloud Foundry Foundation have launched the Cloud Foundry PaaS Certification program, the industry’s only certification program designed to establish reliable portability across PaaS products in a multi-vendor, multi-cloud environment.

This new standard represents a significant leap forward for enterprises that rely on continuous innovation as their primary means of competing effectively in an age of rapid change.

Some of the industry’s leading vendor solutions, including CenturyLink’s AppFogHPE Helion Cloud Foundry, Huawei FusionStage, IBM BluemixPivotal Cloud FoundrySAP HANA® Cloud Platform and Swisscom,  are the first products to receive the Cloud Foundry PaaS Certification.

“Today’s news heralds the next era in cloud computing,” said Cloud Foundry CEO Sam Ramji. “In the first generation of cloud computing, companies sacrificed portability and choice for speed and cost-efficiency, tying themselves to a single cloud provider such as Amazon or Google. As we enter the second generation, businesses are committing to the cloud for the long term. As a consequence, they are demanding an industry standard in order to regain control of their applications and reduce complexity. Cloud Foundry Certification gives businesses an open standard for PaaS that delivers both portability and speed.”

Cloud Foundry Certification ensures the application and skill portability across any cloud service or on-premises software product that offers Cloud Foundry. It does this by ensuring all certified products are using the same core Cloud Foundry software. The Cloud Foundry Certification mark is only awarded to products and services that meet the strict technical requirements outlined by the foundation’s technical governing body. Products called “Cloud Foundry” can only use that designation after meeting Cloud Foundry Certification standards. Products must re-certify every year.

“We leverage Cloud Foundry at many levels of CenturyLink’s platform strategy. Cloud Foundry allows us to modernize legacy tools, automate new managed services and host cloud-native applications for our customers.” said David Shacochis, Vice President of Platform Enablement at CenturyLink. “The Cloud Foundry architecture helps us model the digital transformation characteristics our customers seek to emulate.”


Cloud Foundry is collectively developed by 55 member companies including industry leaders in banking (JPMC, BNY Mellon, Citi, Bloomberg, RBC), telecommunications (Verizon, Swisscom, Telstra, CenturyLink, NTT, Huawei, Ericsson), heavy industry (GE), management consulting (Accenture, Atos, Capgemini, Fujitsu, Toshiba), and large-scale computing (Pivotal, IBM, SAP, HPE, Intel, EMC, VMware, Cisco). The platform is portable across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and a range of datacenter infrastructure. Cloud Foundry is proven in production at hundreds of enterprises and and thousands of organizations. Cloud Foundry standardization gives users both freedom of choice and high-velocity innovation.

“There are two enterprise trends we see converging – the move to cloud native application platforms and demand for hybrid cloud solutions.” said Bill Hilf, Senior Vice President and General Manager, HPE Cloud. “HPE has played an important role helping Cloud Foundry become the industry standard for building and running apps across multiple cloud environments. By joining together with other Cloud Foundry Foundation members to support certification, we believe application portability across hybrid clouds will be greatly improved for customers. This is what enterprises want and the Cloud Foundry community is responding.”

Gartner research reports the PaaS market crossed the $4 billion mark this year and Wikibon Research predicts it will grow to $68.3 billion by 2026. For more information on the certification programme, watch the video below

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