Dell’s continues healthcare IT leadership

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    Dell Services’ leadership in healthcare IT and clinical services continues to grow, with the unveiling of it’s first purpose-built healthcare monitor, a new analytics platform partnership and data management tools that unlock information and empower caregivers to provide measurable, value-based care. 

    The new suite of products is aimed at allowing healthcare professionals to review accurate data and images at the point of care. As part of the strategy, Dell Services has signed a multi-year agreement with Zebra Medical Vision to deliver a world-class platform for medical imaging research that integrates with the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive, which currently hosts more than 10 billion medical images and 150 million medical studies.

    By incorporating imaging analytics and aggregating data into user-defined dashboards, Dell’s healthcare cloud customers can make better decisions and spend more time with patients. The company also announced the integration of cloud-based analytics software BizEye from MphRx to the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive portal that allows delivery teams to leverage clinical and operational data in easy to understand key performance indicators, which is critical to providing quality care.

    Dell’s Cloud Clinical Archive is expanding its capabilities by integrating Zebra Medical Vision’s analytics and research platforms into its core offering. With the analytics platform, Dell will now offer any clinical site access to algorithms that provide screening and diagnostic decision support, assist in creating disease-based risk profiles and help accurately identify candidates for preventive care and wellness programs. Having access to this type of information can identify patients at risk for osteoporosis, cardiac disease, liver disease or other pathologies, which can be treated more effectively when discovered early.

    The business partnership provides a comprehensive platform for medical imaging research that will accelerate scientific discovery and innovation. It provides large scale, cloud-based access to qualified clinical data and research tools that can help create new machine learning-based algorithms. By driving research towards patient care initiatives, the partnership has the potential to impact the cost of care delivery and create better preventive care for patients worldwide.

    “The Dell Cloud Clinical Archive combined with Zebra’s unique imaging analytics algorithms and research platform will bring about true change in the way healthcare is practiced, which enables caregivers to provide patients with more personalized care,” said Sid Nair, vice president and global general manager, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Dell Services. “A clinical analytics platform at this scale and integrated data management tools help healthcare organizations collaborate and improve the way we approach utilizing big data in healthcare.”

    In addition to the partnership, Dell also announced the release of the Dell Medical Review 24 Monitor, the company’s first monitor built solely for the healthcare environment. It features an anti-reflective edge-to-edge covered glass on the front, and a smooth, fully sealed design that is IP-32 rated. A light-colored exterior makes fluid stains and contaminants easy to detect. In addition, the monitor can withstand cleaning agents of up to 75 percent concentrated ethyl alcohol solution, making it easy to clean and consistent with infection reduction initiatives.

    “As the number-one monitor brand in the world, we want to bring our innovation and expertise in display technology to the healthcare field with a selection of medical-grade Dell monitors,” said Bert Park, Vice President and GM, Dell Global Software and Peripherals. “The MR2416 is the first in a line of products we will be introducing to enable healthcare customers to improve their efficiency and service quality.”

    The monitor is calibrated to allow healthcare professionals to review accurate, consistent images at the point of care. Intelligent backlight stabilization control ensures this DICOM calibration is maintained throughout the monitor’s lifecycle. It features 24 inches of diagonal viewing area with 1920 x 1200 resolution (16:10 aspect ratio), providing compatibility with most image-enabled electronic medical or healthcare record (EMR/ EHR) applications. While reviewing or sharing images with patients, healthcare professionals can switch the monitor’s orientation between landscape and portrait and adjust height, tilt, pivot or swivel the monitor up to 60 degrees left and right with consistent 178-degree by 178-degree viewability from almost any angle for easy screen sharing.

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