Global survey predicts growth in HTML5 as app developer platform


    Sencha, the company providing a unified platform for designing, developing, deploying and managing cross-platform web applications, have announced the results of the 6th Annual Developer Survey, fielded by Strategy Analytics.

    Surveying more than 500 mobile app developers, including Sencha developers, the report reveals an increase in the number of both mobile and desktop devices that developers will support next year, showing strongest predicted growth using HTML5 as the app developer platform.

    “As this survey illustrates, we are seeing developers increasingly turning to HTML5 to build cross-platform web applications,” said Art Landro, CEO of Sencha. “In our conversations with enterprise customers, we consistently hear that they are using our web application platform to help them deliver on their application requirements in the face of fragmented mobile devices, form factors, platforms and operating systems. As developers and enterprises continue to manage the increased complexity of enterprise mobility and app development, I’m certain we’ll see HTML5 continue to emerge as the core app developer technology of choice.”

    The survey gathered data on mobile app developers’ preferences and attitude toward application development, devices, platforms and developer programs. Key findings included:

    • Smartphone devices continue to be a primary target with 92 percent of developers supporting smartphone apps in the next year, followed by 84 percent supporting tablets and 36 percent supporting PCs.
    • Of all the technologies for building native or web applications, HTML5 shows the strongest predicted growth at 20 percent.
    • 67 percent of developers create apps for business use.

    The survey was orchestrated by David MacQueen, executive director, apps and media research at Strategy Analytics.

    “The number of developers using HTML5 has shown a steady increase over the last few years, from 33 percent in 2013, 35 percent in 2014 and now up to 39 percent,” said David MacQueen.

    “Increasing fragmentation in mobile devices and consumer demand for consistent app availability across multiple platforms are key drivers behind the shift in developer sentiment towards using the HTML standard. The biggest jump is in the number of developers using HTML5 as their primary web technology for mobile development, which has seen a sharp rise. The 2013 and 2014 surveys both showed 7 percent of developers using HTML5 as their primary web application development technology, but this year that doubled to 14 percent.”

    Global survey predicts growth in HTML5 as app developer platform TechNative
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