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    EE have announced a new range of products for businesses aimed at connecting workers, their customers, and machines as the Internet of Things has an increasing impact on business.

    EE now has more than half a million business and public sector organisation accounts, 75% of which are on 4G. In 2015, EE has been working with customers to outline the impact that 4G adoption is having on Britain’s most important public services.

    Deployments of new mobile technologies, including Connected Vehicle, 4G Rapid Site, and Connected Health, show the significant impact of enhanced connectivity on vital UK services and some of the most pressing issues facing the UK today. 4G is helping to ease the pressure that many organisations are facing to deliver better public services, more efficiently:

    • In the NHS, mobile technologies can improve communications between patients and primary/secondary care providers, potentially reducing missed and unnecessary GP and outpatient appointments by 65% and saving £585million towards reducing the current £2billion deficit
    • For house builders, getting connected to 4G in up to three days rather than waiting more than a month for broadband, enabling homes to be built more quickly, more cost-effectively, and with a lower carbon footprint
    • For emergency services like Staffordshire Police, deploying 4G mobile devices could save 250,000 hours of front line staff time per year, the equivalent of more than 100 officers on the beat

    “We’ve shown what 4G can do for consumers, and now businesses and the public sector are using the quality and reliability of the network that we’ve built to boost the UK economy and tackle some of the biggest issues facing Britain today.” said EE CEO Olaf Swantee.

    “The impact of 4G adoption on vital UK services is incredibly powerful. Helping the NHS and Emergency Services provide better service to the community, more cost effectively, is exactly the type of real world benefit that our world-leading mobile network enables. That’s why we’re launching our new capabilities for these sectors and helping them prepare for the IoT future where everything is connected.”

    New research from EE in conjunction with the Centre for Economic & Business Research (CEBR) and YouGov estimates that the boost to UK Plc in 2015 due to efficiency and productivity gains made from 4G adoption is £8.9 billion, and set to rise each year.

    Other notable trends from the EE research show that nearly half of businesses say that 4G is critical to their competitiveness in today’s business environment, and two thirds of users say that 4G has boosted their productivity by 10% or more.

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