Philips aim to merge consumer and professional healthcare

    Hospital through the eyes of patient

    Philips is on a mission to merge consumer and professional healthcare with the launch of their cloud-based HealthSuite.

    The digital platform includes a range of consumer and professional apps, geared towards tracking our health from birth through to old age, helping us take the right steps to remain healthy along the way. It also includes integrated healthy living and grooming advice and solutions for patients recovering from acute conditions meaning out-patients and the elderly can track health independently from home, easing the strain on healthcare services thus allowing them to focus on more critical care.

    Philips and its partners aim to create the next generation of connected health innovations and it interoperates seamlessly with other cloud-based technologies such as the Salesforce Health Cloud and Amazon Web Services. The platform will also support professional healthcare solutions, personal coaching apps and Philips consumer devices, as well as those from other open platforms. In addition, the platform will support population health analytics, giving clinicians a better view into how to support society, from understanding if a baby is hitting development milestones, to managing patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, through to understanding the unique needs of older adults and how to empower them.

    “By connecting both consumers and their medical devices in the cloud, not only do we enable consumers to take greater control of their personal health journey with just-in-time analyses and advice through personalized health apps, but we can also provide clinicians with better quality information in a more manageable way, so they know when to intervene in your healthcare,” said Liat Ben-Zur, SVP, Digital Technology and Connected Propositions at Philips. “Our rich heritage in consumer electronics and healthcare allows us to break down the technology barriers between personal devices, hospitals and your home to take the Internet of Things to a whole new, more meaningful level. Ultimately, allowing people to live healthier, fuller lives.


    Specifically for clinicians, the eCareCoodinator software platform allows remote monitoring of patient vital signs, detailed collection of a cross-section of health data and patients can also provide well being status updates via short surveys. Meanwhile, the Philips eCareCompanion is a patient-facing self service app they can access via a tablet, allowing them to keep track of their own vital statistics, driving engagement and self management. The two support overall population health management by allowing professionals to prioritise patients and adjust care plans or intervene as needed.

    Specifically for care of the elderly, CareSage is a predictive analytics engine that enables health systems and caregivers to monitor data by combining real-time insights from wearable devices with historical patient data from healthcare providers. This allows clinicians to predict and intervene before problems surface, helping to reduce hospital visits.

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