Rein in risk with Investigative Analytics

Since 2009, big banks have incurred over $209bn in penalty fines for non-compliance and fraudulent activity, yet most organisations continue to expose themselves to risk. 

By using a ‘bride of Frankenstein’ approach to surveillance, combining multiple systems from different vendors with limited scope, these organisations struggle to scratch the surface when supervising for suspicious activity like market manipulation or misuse of confidential information.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Investigative Analytics brings together unstructured data and business information with deep analytics, truly harnessing the power of the latest machine learning technology. This enables organisations to see patterns, anomalies and trends to proactively mitigate risk, detect fraud and monitor behavior.

We recently spoke to Joe Garber, Global Vice President of Marketing of HPE’s Big Data Solutions division about Investigative Analytics.

To find out more about how HPE’s Investigative Analytics can power your organisation’s risk and compliance management, visit the product overview

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