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    Salesforce has announced new integration between and SalesforceIQ that delivers smarter customer service and sales for SMBs.

    Now,, the all-in-one customer service app for fast-growing companies, and SalesforceIQ for Small Business, the easy, proactive and smart sales solution that provides an intelligent way for SMBs to close more deals, are coming together to supercharge service and sales teams.

    Now, more than ever, customers expect companies to deliver fast and personalized experiences to across every channel and at any time. But, nearly 80 percent of SMBs aren’t equipped to meet the needs of customers because they aren’t connecting their essential business apps.[1] SMB teams often have a siloed view of the customer, resulting in missed growth opportunities for the company.

    By bringing together and SalesforceIQ, Salesforce is not only breaking down the barriers between service and sales teams to provide a unified view of the customer, but also giving SMBs the power of Relationship Intelligence to grow their businesses. Relationship Intelligence from SalesforceIQ leverages data science to automatically capture, analyze and surface information that is relevant for customer relationships from email, calendars and more.

    It seeks out the patterns needed to provide insights into future outcomes and proactively recommends actions to build stronger relationships with customers. Relationship Intelligence sets a new standard for sales solutions with SalesforceIQ, and will deliver new breakthroughs for service organizations.

    “Small businesses may have fewer resources than their larger counterparts, but with Salesforce, SMBs have a competitive advantage. By bringing together SalesforceIQ and, we’re helping them deliver smarter customer engagement to fuel their growth,” said Leyla Seka, general manager and senior vice president of, Salesforce.

    Now, SMBs can deliver:

    Smarter Customer Service: With SalesforceIQ available directly within, agents now have a complete view of the customer across both sales and service. Service agents can automatically see sales activity and insights like the next sales meeting scheduled, size of the opportunity or inactive days, enabling them to deliver smarter service and build long-term customer relationships. For example, a service agent fielding an inquiry can see when there’s an important deal on the table. While these insights help the agent provide a more tailored service experience to the customer, they also break down silos between service and sales teams. The service agent can now flag the customer’s latest service case for the sales rep, providing deeper insights to the sales rep so they can close the deal faster.

    Stronger Sales Insights: With the new integration, sales teams have access to the same customer health information that service agents have, providing a centralized view of the customer. SMBs can pull customer service data from directly into SalesforceIQ, empowering sales reps with the critical information needed to build deeper relationships with their customers. For example, a sales rep can now see whether a customer or prospect has any open cases or experiencing service issues. This integration makes it possible for sales reps to more effectively prioritize and interact with their open opportunities based on the number of cases the customer has open in, enabling them to deliver a better experience from end-to-end.

    Connected Service and Sales in Seconds: Now, SMBs don’t need to spend time and money on custom development to connect service and sales. With the new and SalesforceIQ integration, service and sales teams can deliver a cohesive experience for their customers with an easy, out-of-the-box integration that can be set up in seconds.

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