Salesforce ramp up UK investment

Salesforce have announced increased investments in the UK, including a plan to take on additional space at its London HQ at Salesforce Tower.

This follows the company’s recent announcement of its intention to hire more than 1,200 people in EMEA this year to support its fast-growing customer base and ecosystem. Salesforce also announced that Salesforce Ventures, the company’s global corporate investment group, is fueling cloud innovation in the UK through investments in DigitalGenius, NewVoiceMedia and Qubit.

“Salesforce is seeing phenomenal momentum in the UK and we are excited to increase our investment in this region to support our growing customer base as well as our thriving partner ecosystem,” said Andrew Lawson, UK & I, Managing Director, Salesforce. “It’s an incredible time for us to be working with some of the UK’s best-loved brands, as well as many of its innovative startup companies—helping to drive the digital transformation that will propel the UK economy forward.”

Salesforce Expands UK Headquarters to Support Growing Customer Base

The global shift to the cloud has opened the door to new and exciting social, mobile and data science technologies, and has created unprecedented growth in cloud computing spending by companies across Europe. In the UK, IDC estimates that total public cloud revenue was £1,299M during the first half of 2015, a 39% year over year increase. Europe continues to be one of the fastest growing regions for Salesforce worldwide, and the UK is a key growth driver in the region.

To support its fast-growing customer base and ecosystem, Salesforce has announced plans to hire over 1,200 employees in EMEA. Many of those roles will be based in the UK, one of the company’s largest operations outside the USA. To accommodate its growing workforce, Salesforce has also announced plans to expand its UK headquarters located at Salesforce Tower, London.

The expanded Salesforce UK headquarters will include a new world-class executive briefing centre and will showcase the company’s focus on creating a unique workspace for employees that promotes sustainability and employee wellness. Just last month, Salesforce was ranked #3 By Great Places to Work UK highlighting the importance that the company places on investing in its employees and their working environment.

“Digital innovation is at the heart of the UK economy and plays an important role in driving growth,” said Ed Vaizey, MP, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy. “Digital technology businesses are transforming the employment landscape, driving productivity, and reimagining traditional industries.”

Salesforce Ventures

Last year, Salesforce Ventures—the company’s global corporate investment group—announced that it has allocated $100 million to invest in European startups to fuel cloud innovation and customer success in the region. Since that announcement, Salesforce Ventures has invested in ten next-generation enterprise cloud startups that are part of the emerging enterprise app economy in Europe.

“In addition to funding, Salesforce Ventures gives us access to the Salesforce ecosystem,” said Mikhail Naumov, Chief Strategy Officer, DigitalGenius. “Many companies worldwide use Salesforce to conduct customer service activities and our partnership with Salesforce Ventures is valued by the organisations we want to sell to.”

Investments in UK companies include:

DigitalGenius: brings practical applications of artificial intelligence into the customer service operations of global companies. Its Human+AI Customer Service Platform combines the best of human intellect and artificial intelligence, enabling companies to live up to and exceed rising consumer expectations.

NewVoiceMedia: provides cloud customer contact solutions that enable organisations to connect everything they know about their customers and prospects to every conversation they have with them.

Qubit: provides a digital experience management platform that integrates analytics, segmentation, AB and multivariate testing, and web personalization functionalities with its Visitor Cloud, the world’s first real-time data supply chain.

Salesforce Ventures portfolio companies receive funding to accelerate their growth and gain a competitive edge through access to the world’s largest cloud ecosystem and the guidance of Salesforce innovators and executives. With Salesforce Ventures, portfolio companies can also leverage the expertise of to incorporate its 1-1-1 model of integrated philanthropy to make giving back part of their business model.

Virgin Media choose Salesforce

UK broadband and connected TV brand, Virgin Media, has selected the Salesforce Customer Success Platform to grow its consumer business and deliver an outstanding buying experience with personalised, integrated and consistent customer interactions across their many sales channels.

As part of its continued pursuit of customer service excellence, Virgin Media implemented Salesforce to support the buying experience for its entertainment and communication services. Using the power of Salesforce Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, App Cloud and Chatter, Virgin Media improved the buying journey to allow prospects to ‘buy it their way’ with a truly joined up, omni-channel approach.

Service Cloud

Virgin Media’s omni-channel approach – linking its website, call centres, door-to-door sales and retail stores – has made the purchasing experience simple and fast for Virgin customers. In addition, the company is leveraging Service Cloud to share sales data across departments and between stores, which means now every customer interaction on every channel is logged, so that when a prospect begins the shopping process in one channel, the profile and shopping cart can be accessed from any other channel to create a seamless experience. And by actively viewing this customer information in Analytics Cloud, Virgin Media is able to take actions to further personalise and enhance the customer experience.

“We want to deliver a brilliant customer experience, but we want that brilliance to extend to our prospect experience too,” said Christopher Coleman, Head of Multi-Channel Sales, Virgin Media. “Our prospects don’t think of Virgin Media online, Virgin Media telesales or Virgin Media retail. They just think of Virgin Media and expect to have a joined-up experience. With Salesforce, we can deliver these great sales interactions; enable our brilliant sales people to have even better, more informed sales conversations; and hopefully provide an experience that means more of our prospects choose to become customers.”

Additionally, Virgin Media is using the Salesforce1 Mobile App to provide customer data to its field sales teams, which make up more than half of its sales staff, supporting a seamless customer experience. Using App Cloud, Virgin Media was able to create amazing mobile apps that can help its 500+ door-to-door agents digitise their direct sales operations with information, ranging from work schedules to planning. Chatter is also improving the Virgin Media sales team’s ability to connect with colleagues in other departments, further connecting the customer experience.

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